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Let us look after your home with the same pride that we do our own. We offer professional residential and commercial pressure cleaning services in all of the sunshine coast and greater northern Brisbane areas.

Your property is on of the biggest investments you will make. Ensure it is properly maintained and cared for with high pressure cleaning by industry leading professionals. Water Attack Pressure Washing offer this service to both commercial and residential clients.

The safety of our clients and team are of the utmost importance. Thus, each member of our team has been thoroughly trained, fully insured and are equipped to take your home from drab to fab!


Pressure cleaning Sunshine Coast homes, driveways, fences and patios.


Pressure washing sidewalks, windows and walls of Sunshine Coast Businesses.


Pressure cleaning industrial equipment, warehouses and storage lots.


Pressure cleaning and soft washing residential, commercial and industrial roofs.

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Why Invest In Pressure Cleaning Your Home?

Added Value

When the time comes to sell your property, our pressure cleaning services can greatly improve the curb appeal and aesthetics of your property without the cost and hassle of repainting.

Prevents Damage

Not only does dirt affect the look of your home, but it can also weaken the structural integrity of a building. Regular cleaning and maintenance can lengthen the lifespan of your home.


Dirt, mould and debris that accumulate on the walls and roof of a property can cause various health and allergy-related issues. Regular pressure washing ensures that this build-up is removed.

Pressure Cleaning For Every Job

World Class Services

With a passion for cleaning, our pressure washing services are suitable for a wide range of exterior surfaces.

With an amazing team, we have been revitalizing the appearance of both residential and commercial properties all over the sunshine coast and north Brisbane. Water Attack pressure washing offers an around the clock service schedule. We are only ever a call away to deliver the best possible solution with our talented and well-trained team.

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We Know What Can be Cleaned

Pressure cleaning is a great technique to get your property sparkling again. However, like any high-powered tools, it is important to understand what can and cannot be pressure washed. Older buildings and properties are more sensitive to a pressure cleaner and may become damaged if not done correctly.

We Have The Right Equipment

Almost anything can be cleaned with a little water and the right technique, and it may be tempting to clean your property yourself. With this comes the risk of serious injury. Water Attack are highly trained professionals with the necessary skills and equipment to ensure the safety of you and our team.

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Why Pressure Clean Your Property?

Driveway Cleaning

Driveways are an often overlooked feature in a home and can be forgotten during the routine cleaning of a property. With quality equipment and professional cleaners, Water Attack can easily remove the dirt and grime from your driveway- giving it an air of cleanliness.

We utilise environmentally friendly detergents that do not damage the vegetation and greenery around your driveway. Additionally, we also have the ability to use water on its own if you are anyway worried about ongoing affects.

Concrete Pressure Cleaning

Cleaning concrete surfaces can prove challenging due to its uneven and porous nature. Concrete, while robust and hard wearing, might be damaged when using an abrasive cleaner.

This is especially true when working with polished or coloured concrete. Pressure washing with a special formulation of ingredients is the safest way to get great results with minimal risk.

Keep Your Property Clean

Why Pressure Clean Your Property?

Exterior Pressure Cleaning

External cleaning is an affordable solution for cleaning all kinds of exterior surfaces and restoring them to a like-new condition. We have extensive knowledge of various different surface areas as well as the procedures and preventative measures to take to ensure the best results.

With organic detergents that are neither harsh to the environment nor damaging to the paintwork on your walls, high-pressure cleaning is a great alternative to repainting.

Pressure Washing For Outdoors

As the vegetation and trees grow on your property they shed leaves and debris on your roof. Not only does this look untidy, but also creates a breeding ground for mould and bacteria growth. Regular pressure cleaning is crucial in ensuring that your roof is maintained and your gutter is debris free.

Hight pressure roof cleaning are now standard practice to maintain the colour, structural integrity and appearance of your property.

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