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There is no denying the beauty of the Sunshine Coast and its weather. However, with heat and humidity comes the buildup of moisture, mould and grime. Water Attack Pressure Washing provide world-class soft wash to Sunshine Coast properties, that leaves your property as gorgeous as the location it is in!

In addition to being unsightly, this accumulation of mould, dirt and debris contributes to a number of structural problems that shorten the lifespan of your property and health issues that make living and working difficult.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Maximise your energy efficiency expert with Solar Panel Cleaning.

Gutter Pressure Cleaning

Keep your gutters clear from dirt and debris with professional gutter cleaning.

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Why Invest In Water Attack?

In-depth Knowledge

Our team at Water Attack are trained and fully accredited professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to clean your property without the risk of damage!

Quality Equipment

We take safety seriously for you and your property. We have the proper processes and procedures in place to work at heights and use pressure cleaning equipment.

Tailored Service

We assess your property, cleaning needs and collaborate with you to determine the safest and most effective pressure cleaning method for your needs.

Your Local Soft Washing Experts

What is Soft Washing?

Many buildings are made up of a variety of construction materials, textures and finishes, many of which call for a more delicate approach when pressure cleaning. 

Much like conventional pressure washing, soft washing uses a pressured water system to effectively remove mould, grime and dirt from a variety of surfaces.

Its use of less pressure and environmentally safe detergents make soft wash in Sunshine Coast a popular cleaning technique that has minimal impact on the integrity and finish of a structure.

With years of hands-on experience, our staff is highly experienced in soft washing and take plants, environment, pets, and water containment when working on your property. This ensures a job second to none.

Soft Washing is recommended for surfaces, such as:

  • Metal, Tile and Terracotta Roof Systems
  • Canvas Awning and Shade sails
  • Timber weatherboard and older fragile paint systems.
  • Modern architectural mouldings and facades
  • Mould and algae treatments.

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Soft Wash For Sunshine Coast Properties

The Soft Wash Magic

Soft washing is an increasingly popular system for exterior cleaning and is extremely effective at removing dirt, mould and debris without damaging the surface.

In addition to this, soft wash in Sunshine Coast boasts a number of benefits including:

Reduces the Risk Of Damage

Dirt, grime and stains can cause extensive -and expensive – damage to a structure. Fungi, lichen and algae growth rates into pain and shingles leaving your roof and interior vulnerable to the elements.

Regular cleaning with soft washing helps avoid damage and keep your structure working at its best!

Cost Efficient Service

Damage due to dirt build-up can be expensive to repair and will need replacing much sooner than a well-maintained property. 

Prevention is better than cure! Regular maintenance from industry experts, ensure you save money in the long run!

Clean & Hygienic Surface

A build-up of dust, grime, mould and algae contributes to a number of allergic reactions and other health conditions.

Soft Washing in Sunshine Coast both reduces the growth of mould and mildew and kills the root, ensuring that there is no more exposure and your property is cleaner for longer.

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