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How to Stay Open When Having Your Business Cleaned & Painted 

How to Stay Open When Having Your Business Cleaned & Painted 

Giving your business a thorough clean and fresh coat of paint is a cost-effective and immediate way to stay on-top of maintenance and improve the exterior of your commercial building. A well-maintained business and storefront not only creates a clean and beautiful space but also inspires trust and confidence in visiting clients.

Pressure cleaning and painting can be incredibly disruptive to your business operations. Many owners think that the only way to complete such a project is to close their doors while painting and cleaning are done.

However, pausing operations for any amount of time can be detrimental for any business, small or large. Fortunately, with careful planning and execution, you can complete a commercial cleaning and painting project and keep things running smoothly, without having to close your doors!

How to Stay Open When Having Your Business Cleaned & Painted - storefront exterior

Signs It Is Time For A Facelift

Businesses are constantly exposed to the elements, whether it is the heat and rain or duts or dirt.

Over time, this exposure will take its toll and your business will start to show wear and tear.

There are many reasons a business needs to be cleaned and painted again with a number of tell-tale signs on the walls, doors, and exterior surfaces.


One of the most obvious signs that a business is in need of new paint is when the exterior of your business begins to look faded and dull. Often sunlight will harm the quality of the paint, causing it to become dull and discoloured.

If your storefront looks a little discoloured or faded, it might be time to consider a new paint job.

Dirt, Dust & Grime Build Up

Another sign that it might be time for a facelift is when dirt, dust, and grime have built up on the exterior surfaces of your business. Often this build-up is so subtle it can go unnoticed for many years; until it has been removed – after which the difference can be striking!

However, there are some visible differences that can be seen that indicate a good cleaning is needed, such as:

  • Windows that are difficult to see through
  • A build-up of dirt on ledges and awnings
  • Discoloured or dull storefronts
  • Black streaks on exterior walls and roofs

Mould Growth

Mould is a type of fungi that grows on the exterior of your building. This growth often thrives in dark, damp and humid conditions and is characterised by black, grey or greenish streaks and spots.

Not only is mould unsightly, but it can also be damaging to your building and pose a health hazard to employees and visiting customers. Most business owners will simply repaint over the mould. However, this is only a temporary solution as the mould will simply return.

The only way to remove mould is to clean the exterior surfaces with a high-pressure washer first. Business owners may notice that their surfaces may not need a paint after all!

Cracked, Bubbling & Chipped Paint

Cracking, bubbling and chipping are the result of ineffective adhesion between the paint and the surface of your building. This can be as unappealing as it is damaging. Moisture, fungi, and termites can easily make their way through small cracks and crevices, causing wood to rot, metal to corrode and pests to breed.


Chalking is when paint takes on a matte finish and leaves powder on the surface. This often occurs when the paint has deteriorated and can no longer protect the surface of your building. This is a clear sign that the paint needs to be removed and replaced.

How to Stay Open When Having Your Business Cleaned & Painted  - blue store front and vehicle
How to Stay Open When Having Your Business Cleaned & Painted  - commercial roof

Cleaning & Painting When Your Business Is Open

While it may seem easier and less disruptive to your business to close while commercial cleaning and painting are being carried out, this is not always the best option for every business. While any renovation project can cause delays and disruption, there are a number of steps that can be taken to cause less confusion and help things run more smoothly. These include:

Keep Everyone Informed

The first step is to keep to commercial painting and pressure cleaning is to keep everyone that may be affected in the loop. This includes employees, customers and suppliers. Make sure to let them know in advance that there may be some disruptions and provide them with a timeline of when these disruptions will take place.

It is important to be open about what is going on and announce updates as the project progresses. This will help minimise any complaints. Such updates can be done via social media posts, physical signs and email newsletters.

Set Up Zones

Cleaning or painting all at once is not wise or efficient. By setting up zones, you can protect certain areas of your business from any disruptions. It is best to section off small areas at a time, as this will help keep noise, dirt and fumes to a minimum. When one area is complete, painters and cleaners can then move on to the next.

This may mean that some areas of your business are closed off for a day or two, but this is often preferable to shutting down your business entirely.

Focus On Safety

When you have people working in your business, it is important to make sure that everyone is safe. This includes employees, customers and even the commercial cleaners and painters themselves.

There are a number of safety concerns that need to be taken into account, such as:

  • The use of ladders near customer areas
  • The use of chemicals and paints
  • The use of electrical equipment

Making sure everyone is aware of these safety concerns and taking the necessary precautions will help reduce the risk of accidents and disruptions.

Take Advantage of Slow Periods/Seasons

There will always be times when business is slow. This could be due to the time of year or time of day. These lulls in business can be a great opportunity to get commercial painting and cleaning done as there are fewer customers around. Fortunately, many commercial pressure cleaning and painting companies are able to work around a business’ busy schedule to get the job done with minimal disruptions.

Turn Complaints into Confidence

Receiving complaints is inevitable during a renovation. A prompt and efficient response to any complaints will help turn a negative into a positive. This will let them know that their input is valuable and will likely bring more business in the future.

  • Make sure the person responsible for dealing with complaints is easily accessible
  • Investigate and address the complaint as soon as possible
  • Keep the customer updated on the situation
  • Make sure the customer is happy with the resolution

By taking these steps, you can help make sure that your business runs smoothly during a commercial painting and cleaning project. This will help reduce disruptions and keep your customers coming back!

There Is No Better Time Than Now

Investing in commercial painting and cleaning is a one of the best ways to freshen up your business. Clients and visitors will be impressed with the new look and the dedication to keeping a professional appearance.

It is important to remember that any renovation project will cause some disruptions, but there are a number of steps that can be taken to minimise these disruptions. With a bit of planning, you can make sure that your business runs smoothly during a commercial painting and pressure cleaning project!

If you are ready to get started on your business pressure cleaning and painting project, then there is no better time than now! Contact Water Attack Pressure Washing today to get started!

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