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From dull windows to mould lined walls, years of dust, grime and pollution build up can be detrimental to the overall look of a property. Let Water attack Pressure Washing help brighten your Brisbane residential or commercial property with our industry leading pressure washing services.

We specialise in professional high-pressure cleaning designed to remove all types of unwanted dirt, grime and stains from a variety of outdoor services. our team are fully trained and accredited, giving you the peace of mind that your home and business is in trusted, professional hands!

As genuine professionals, we aim to provide the highest quality pressure cleaning and customer service. Water Attack Pressure Washing offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for each and every service we provide.

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Pressure cleaning Brisbane homes, driveways, fences and patios


Pressure washing sidewalks, windows and walls of Brisbane Businesses.


Pressure cleaning industrial equipment, warehouses and storage lots.


Pressure cleaning and soft washing residential, commercial and industrial roofs.

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Expert Knowledge

Older buildings and properties are more sensitive to a pressure cleaner and may become damaged if not done correctly. As experts, we understand the best techniques and equipment to obtain the best results.

Professional Equipment

A common misconception is that anything can be cleaned with soap and water. Our professional pressure cleaning services utilise the very best equipment to ensure years of dirt build-up is effectively removed.

Safety Guaranteed

It may be tempting to clean your property yourself, however, you run the risk of serious injury. Water Attack are highly trained with the necessary skills and equipment to ensure the safety of you and our team.

Quality Service Guaranteed

Great Service Excellent Results

Effective pressure cleaning is a job best left to the professionals. From aged wood, to crumbling concrete or brick, no dirty exterior is made equal.

Not only do you need a Brisbane pressure washing service that will safely and efficiently clean your surfaces, you need experts with the necessary skills and knowledge to determine which techniques and equipment are best suited to your individual needs.

Our team at Water Attack Pressure Washing have tacked numerous jobs ranging from the cleaning of car parks to washing down residential and commercial buildings and have the in-depth knowledge and on-site skills to effectively make your surface look good as new.

Put your best foot forward and make your property look new. Get your free estimate below.

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Say No To Grime And Mould

Added Value And Curb Appeal

Ensuring your property maintains a clean and welcoming exterior can be challenging. From pollution, wind and rain there are a variety of factors that can quickly make your property dirty.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to sell or a store owner trying to attract new customers, it never hurts to boost the curb appeal of your property. Not only does this make your home or business new and inviting, but it also allows your property to stand out among listings when on sale.

Pressure cleaning with Water Attack gives you the opportunity to boost your curb appeal without the cost and hassle of repaining.

Prevents Damage

We all know that bird droppings, mould growth and dirt build up looks unattractive and left unwashed can eventually wear away at a building, causing rot and other damage. 

Certain exteriors such as brick and wood can deteriorate if left unmaintained and cleaned. Regular pressure washing, especially in Bribane properties, can help cut down these risks, ultimately saving you money in maintenance costs in the long run. 

With years of experience, our team of experts have all the knowledge to safely clean your property.

Sanitised & Clean Property

Exterior walls, decks, gutters and roofs house a number of contaminants and allergens that vary in severity, such as dirt and mould. 

Regular pressure cleaning removes and eliminates these harmful toxins, keeping the air you breath as clean and pure as possible. Likewise, pressure cleaning slippery mould minimises the risk of harmful falls.

Regular maintenance keeps your property clean and you, your family and your guests safe.

Boost Your Curb Appeal!

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Pressure Cleaning Brisbane

Impress Guests The Moment They Arrive

Impress Guests The Moment They Arrive

Driveway Cleaning

Although many owners take pride in the exterior of their property, driveway cleaning is an often neglected subject. Many of us become accustomed to the dull, grey and brown look that we fail to see the transformation of regular driveway cleaning provides.

We use eco-friendly detergents that will not harm the flora and greenery around your driveway. Moreover, if you are concerned about long-term effects detergents may have, we also have the ability to use water on its own.

Concrete Pressure Cleaning

Concrete can be found on almost every property in Brisbane.

Despite being a long-lasting and durable material, their porous nature and ability to suck up dirt and grime them difficult to clean. Without knowledge or experience, using abrasive detergents and cleaning methods may damage the concrete.

Whether it is concrete paths, driveways or walls, enlisting the help of professionals can effectively remove any built-up dirt, grime, mould and oil stains without the risk of damage. Water Attack are your source of leading cleaning professionals and deliver high pressure concrete cleaning for residential and commercial properties alike. 


Pressure Cleaning Brisbane

Keep Your Property Sparkling

Keep Your Property Sparkling

Exterior Wall Pressure Cleaning

Make your garden party an event to remember! Say goodbye to hours of manual cleaning with exterior wall pressure cleaning. 

With a comprehensive knowledge of various surface areas and cleaning techniques, we provide time saving and cost effective high pressure cleaning for homes and businesses across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. 

High-pressure washing is a fantastic alternative to repainting since it uses organic detergents that are not harsh on the environment or harmful to the paintwork on your walls.

Pressure Washing For Outdoors

No property is safe from dirt and buildup. As they are always exposed to the elements, exterior surfaces trap moisture and become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria growth. Not only does this look dirty and untidy, but if left untreated, can both cause and hide irreversible damage that would otherwise be preventable. 

To maintain the colour, structural integrity and appearance of your property, we recommend regular outdoor pressure cleaning to ensure your property is clean and damage-free.

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