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No property is safe from the damaging effects of the elements. Conastant exposure to the weather, pollution and animals result in the build up of dirt, debris, pollution and stains. Regularly pressure cleaning your Sunshine Coast property ensures it remains clean and dirt-free.

Give your residential or commercial property new life with Sunshine Coast’s leading pressure cleaning services. At Water Attack Pressure Washing we specialise in cleaning a variety of external surfaces – from driveways, walls, roofs, patios and decks. 

As a leading, family-owned pressure cleaning service on the Sunshine Coast, we take pride in our ability to provide superior service and professionalism in every aspect of what we do.


Pressure cleaning Sunshine Coast homes, driveways, fences and patios.


Pressure washing sidewalks, windows and walls of Sunshine Coast Businesses.


Pressure cleaning industrial equipment, warehouses and storage lots.


Pressure cleaning and soft washing residential, commercial and industrial roofs.

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Added Value

Improving aesthetic value through removing loose paint, grime, mould and dirt improves the overall financial value of your property. It is this visual appeal that attracts prospective buyes.

Prevents Damage

If left untreated and cleaned, bird drooping, dirt and mould can begin to damage and rot your property. Regular pressure washing can significantly cut down these risks, saving you money in the long run.

Improves Health

Dirty properites house a number of contaminants and allergens that can cause a number of health issues. Regular pressure cleaning removes and eliminates these harmful toxins.

Quality Service Guaranteed

Residential and Commercial Pressure Cleaning

We understand the difficulty that comes with striking a balance between regular property maintenance and other important activities.

Keeping your property clean, good looking and damage-free deosn’t need to interfere with your everyday routine. At Water Attack we offer flexible pressure cleaning services tailored to you and the needs of your property.

Don’t waste precious, time and resources on cleaning the exterior of your property, residential or commercial, when you can have the experts tackle it for you! With no interruption to your home or business life, get a sparkling property that makes a good impression.

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We Know What Can be Cleaned

Pressure cleaning may seem easy, however, it is not as simple as it seems. To the inexperienced using the incorrect detergents and equipment can be damaging to the surface being cleaned leaving it susceptible to further wathering.

Enlisting the services of professional pressure cleaners ensures that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively clean your property without the risk of damage.

Experts At What We Do

Pressure cleaning requires specialised equipment to ensure a sparkling clean result. Not only is this powerful equipment costly to rent or purchase, but it is also dangerous to use without training and experience.

As professionals with years of experience, our team at Water Attack are fully trained and accredited to conduct pressure cleaning activities safely and reliably, giving you the best results.

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Pressure Cleaning Your Sunshine Coast Property

First Impressions Count

First Impressions Count

Driveway Cleaning

Wherever you live and whatever the climate, a driveway takes a beating!

A build up of dirt and grime are not only unattractive but damaging as well. Regularly pressure cleaned driveways ensure that the algae, moss and dirt that accumulates are removed before they have the chance to cause irreversible damage. 

Concrete Pressure Cleaning

Concrete can be found on almost every property on the Sunshine Coast.

Concrete pressure cleaning helps to remove accumulated dirt, mould and other unwanted substances to help restore it to a like-new condition.

It is amazing how much you can improve your home’s curb appeal with something as simple as water! Our process is extremely environmentally friendly with the ability to utilise non-toxic, eco-friendly as well as plain water.

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Keep Your Property Beautiful

Keep Your Property Beautiful

Exterior Pressure Cleaning

A home or business is one of the most significant investments many of us will ever make. Protecting and maintaining is one of the best ways to ensure your property stays in tip-top shape!

Regular pressure cleaning is a preferred cleaning method due to the numerous benefits it offers, from increasing curb appeal to protecting the health of your family.

With organic detergents that are neither harsh to the environment nor damaging to the paintwork on your walls, high-pressure cleaning is a great alternative to repainting.

Roof Pressure Cleaning

A well maintained roof is a well maintained home! Your roof is the first line of protection from the elements thus, it is crucial to keep it in a good condition.

As dirt and debris build up, natural rainfall is often enough to wash this off. However, some things like algae, moss and lichen need more attention.

Many property owners take up the task of cleaning their own roof. However, those who are inexperienced run the risk of slipping and seriously injuring themselves.

Health and safety for you and our workers are our priority. With working at heights accreditations, we are fully equipped, trained and experience to get the job done

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