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Your property is without a doubt one of the biggest financial investments you will make. Ensuring it is well maintained and in tip-top shape is crucial!

Water Attack Pressure Washing are a locally owned family business that has been working all across Queensland for over 16 years. We provide world-class pressure washing, roof restoration and concrete sealing to clients on the Sunshine Coast and greater Northern Brisbane areas.

We are dedicated to you and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! With a highly trained team and will do everything within our power to make your gem shine again! What are you waiting for? Book your obligation free estimate today and find out how we can help you!

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We provide a wide range of pressure cleaning and maintenance services to commercial and residential clients across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Is Your Property In Need Of Care?

Premium Pressure Cleaning

There is nothing better than watching the dirt fall away and seeing a property go from dull and drab to as good as new! At Water Attack, we love delivering the pressure washhing results our clients want – and with hundreds of happy clients, this is what we do best!

But how do you know if your property needs superior pressure cleaning?

If your driveway is stained, it can be difficult to get it looking clean again. Conquer unsightly splotches and stubborn stains on your driveway with the experts at Water Attack Pressure Washing.

Signs of a stained driveway include:

  • Unsightly and dark splotches
  • Stubborn stains that won't come clean
  • Built-up grime, dirt and debris

If you find that your roof is covered in moss, dirt and debris, it's important to have it cleaned as soon as possible. Not only is it unsightly, but moss can cause damage to your roof if left unchecked. The experts at Water Attack Pressure Washing can quickly and easily remove moss from your roof, leaving it looking like new again.

Signs of a moss-covered roof:

  • Dark green or black growth
  • Streaks on your roof
  • Increased moisture
  • Possible leaking

No one likes the look of dull, dirty and dusty exterior surfaces! However, with regular cleaning and maintenance from Water Attack Pressure Washing, your home's siding can look like new again. The experts at Water Attack Pressure Washing can help get your home's siding looking new again with our professional pressure cleaning and soft washing services.

Signs that your home's exterior needs to be cleaned:

  • Dirty or dusty appearance
  • Mildew or mold growth
  • Algae or moss growth Discoloration or staining

Gutters are an important feature on any property and work to protect your home from rain, leaks and moisture. However, when your gutters become blocked and filled with leaves, they can no longer do their job properly. If your gutters are filled with leaves, the experts at Water Attack Pressure Washing can help. We offer gutter cleaning services that will quickly and easily remove leaves and debris from your gutters, leaving them clear and free-flowing.

Signs that your gutters need cleaning:

  • Gutters are overflowing
  • Water is leaking from gutters
  • There is mold or mildew growth around gutters
  • There is staining on the exterior of your home near gutters
Invest In The Best Pressure Cleaners

Pressure Cleaning Tailored To You

No two surfaces are the same. That’s why we tailor our pressure cleaning services to you and your needs.

There are two approaches we typically employ when cleaning your surfaces. Traditional pressure cleaning for all ground surfaces and soft washing for aged and more fragile surfaces and roofs.

Traditional pressure washing often referred to as ‘power washing’ is a process that uses high water pressure and temperature to remove dirt, grime and stubborn stains from surfaces such as patios, driveways and paths.

Soft washing is a more gentle alternative for cleaning surfaces such as roofs, fragile surfaces and timber. This process uses low pressure and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clean without causing any damage.

Whether it’s a one time clean, or you require regular maintenance – we can work with you to develop a solution that fits!

Your first choice for health and safety

Safety Is Our Priority

We take safety seriously for both our team, you and your property. To ensure we always work safely, we are fully equipped with high quality safety gear and all of our team members are trained in the latest safety procedures. We also have the proper processes and procedures in place with a ‘working at heights’ accreditation

In addition, we always take care to protect your property while we work and ensure your property is not damaged during the pressure washing process.

To get the best possible results, we only use the latest and best pressure washing equipment. This includes high-quality pressure washers, hoses, tips and detergents. We also regularly service our equipment to ensure it is always in top condition.

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In our latest post, we outline the dangers of outdoor mould and how professional pressure cleaning can help treat and remove any growth.

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