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Your home is generally your biggest life purchase. However dirt, mould, stains and pollution can easily make the exterior of your house look old and worn. Exterior washing of your Brisbane home is an excellent and affordable way to give rejuvenate your homes external look.

Not only does your home come out looking like new, but regular house washing helps maintain the durability and longevity of outdoor surfaces, helping extend its value and durability. 

We love to see the transformation a home goes through during our house washing process! Expertly washed, using the latest techniques and quality equipment, we take your home from dull and dirty to refreshed and looking like new!

Don’t miss out on the incredible advantages of our house washing services in Brisbane. Take this opportunity to experience the transformative benefits and request your free estimate today.

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Every property, particularly the exterior of your home, is unique and requires careful consideration when it comes to effective and damage-free cleaning. Thankfully, the knowledgeable team at Water Attack Pressure Washing understands the essential requirements to maintain cleanliness and integrity for your property.

With a strong commitment to professionalism in pressure cleaning and customer service, Water Attack Pressure Washing proudly provides our clients in Brisbane with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for every service we offer.

We understand that every home in Brisbane has unique requirements, which is why we make pressure washing hassle-free for you. With our extensive knowledge and skills, we customise each pressure cleaning job to meet your specific goals and address your property’s individual cleaning needs.

Moreover, we are well aware of which exterior surfaces can and cannot be cleaned using high-pressure methods, requiring a more delicate approach. Our utmost priority is to avoid any damage to your home during the cleaning process. Before commencing any work, we conduct a thorough examination of your property.

Rest assured, we employ only the most appropriate techniques, ensuring that your surfaces are treated with the utmost care. If you’re uncertain about the best cleaning method for your specific surface, feel free to contact us. We’re here to assist you with all your exterior cleaning needs for your Brisbane home.

Although it may seem tempting to tackle the task of pressure cleaning your property yourself, it is often best to entrust this job to the professionals. Our technicians are extensively trained and equipped with top-quality tools and the latest cleaning techniques to ensure remarkable results.

By utilizing high-quality and safe cleaning detergents along with efficient equipment, we have the ability to effectively remove stains and stubborn grime from painted surfaces, brick, and windows. This leaves your home’s exterior surfaces and paintwork fresh and clean while also providing protection against further, more permanent damage.

Rest assured, we possess the expertise and necessary equipment to ensure a smooth and successful cleaning job. Leave all your cleaning concerns in the capable hands of Water Attack Pressure Washing today!

At Water Attack Pressure Washing, ensuring the safety of your home’s exterior house wash is our utmost concern. Our team of technicians holds full certification and extensive experience in the latest pressure washing techniques. Rest assured, we prioritise the use of water and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are not only safe for your family and pets but also gentle on the environment.

With our technicians being fully qualified to work at heights, we can confidently and safely clean even the most challenging and hard-to-reach areas. Whether you require a specific service, we guarantee superior results every time. We take great pride in our work and are committed to going the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final outcome.

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Comprehensive Cleaning Services for your Property

Our skilled team provides personalised pressure washing services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties, ensuring our customers’ properties consistently maintain their optimal appearance. Regardless of the project’s scale, our experienced team utilizes cutting-edge pressure cleaning equipment and top-quality cleaning solutions to deliver impeccable results.

It is amazing how much you can improve your Brisbane home’s curb appeal with something as simple as water! But, using a bucket and scrubbing brush can cause unnecessary stress on your back and knees and still won’t give you the quality finish that you are looking for. 

We offer a range of house washing services to clients across Brisbane City. From side walk, driveway and concrete cleaning, soft washing, roof cleaning and more, we make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

With our domestic pressure cleaning services, we can remove all the dirt, grime, and mildew that has built up on your home’s exterior surfaces in a fraction of the time. Our team are fully trained in the latest exterior house cleaning and pressure washing techniques and have extensive knowledge of the best products and equipment to ensure that your home is cleaned to the highest standard possible.

Whether you need us to clean your driveway, concrete or walls, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The appearance of your commercial property says a lot about your business. A clean and well-maintained exterior creates a positive first impression for customers and clients, while a dirty, graffittied and vandalised and neglected one could send them running for the hills!

But, Brisbane commercial property owners are busy! From managing their property to ensuring their business is run smoothly, many business owners simply do not have the time to maintain their property, carpark driveways and exterior to ensure it remains clean and presentable to all who visit.

Water Attack Pressure Washing provides superior pressure washing to commercial properties and property managers across Brisbane and Brisbane northside. From carpark and roof cleaning to exterior surface cleaning and graffiti removal, we work closely with you to determine the best cleaning methods that guarantee superior results!

We understand the challenge of having to balance property maintenance and business hours. With a flexible service schedule, we take the hassle and stress out of maintaining your property. Our technicians are quick, reliable and efficient ensuring minimal disruption of your day to day activities! 

Keeping a workspace clean and free from dirt can overwhelming and time-consuming, especially in industrial spaces. But well-maintained spaces are crucial to their success and safety. That’s where the expert team of high-pressure cleaners at Water Attack come in!

We offer reliable industrial external building cleaning services across the Brisbane industrial spaces, factories, warehouses and more.

Exterior surfaces are often overlooked and many are not aware of the dirt and grime gathering on your building’s exterior. But, if left unchecked this build-up can cause extensive and costly damages.

We know what it takes to clean an industrial workspace quickly and effectively, without compromising on quality. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians use the latest pressure washing equipment to remove all the dirt, grime and build-up from your surfaces.

If your industrial car parks or work spaces are looking worse for wear, we can help! After a thorough examination we will provide you with a detailed quote outlining the work that needs to be carried out. We understand that every space is different which is why we tailor our services specifically to your needs.

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Cleaning the exterior of your property, including walls and windows, is usually low-priority and time-consuming. Who wants to spend their time washing the roof, driveway, patio, exterior walls, and windows? Fortunately, by hiring a reputable exterior cleaning company in Brisbane, you can eliminate the hassle of pressure cleaning.

We specialise in professional high-pressure and low-pressure soft washing for both commercial and residential properties in Brisbane and Brisbane Northside areas. Our services are designed to effectively eliminate all kinds of unwanted dirt, grime, and stains from various outdoor surfaces, including exterior walls and windows. With top-of-the-line equipment and premium products, we ensure thorough cleaning of your property.

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Why Invest In Exterior Property cleaning

The Pressure Washing Difference

Irrespective of your property’s construction material, be it brick, timber, or modern architectural finishes, we provide secure and cost-effective pressure washing services. Our services guarantee the removal of stains and grime while ensuring the protection and preservation of your property’s exterior.

By investing in our house washing services in Brisbane, you and your property can experience a range of incredible benefits, including:

Enhancing the value of your property through a thorough clean is a wise investment, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way! Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or simply looking to enhance its visual appeal, our home washing services can make a remarkable difference.

At Water Attack Pressure Washing, we take pride in offering affordable and highly effective solutions to elevate your property’s curb appeal, aesthetic quality, and overall value. Trust us to deliver outstanding results that will leave your property looking its best.

Keeping your home’s exterior clean is an excellent method to eliminate dirt, grime, and stubborn stains whilst helping you save money. Neglecting this build-up can lead to substantial and expensive damage to your property. By implementing a regular exterior cleaning routine, you can minimise the risk of long-term harm and maintain the pristine appearance of your home.

Water Attack Pressure Washing is your go-to expert in Brisbane for pressure washing, guaranteeing a clean and damage-free property. With our services, you can rest assured that your home will remain in optimal condition.

A property that undergoes pressure washing becomes a hygienic environment, significantly reducing the presence of bacteria and other harmful germs. This is especially crucial for households with young children or pets who are more susceptible to illnesses.

By washing the exterior of your property, you not only enhance its cleanliness and brightness but also eliminate hazardous pollutants that could damage your family’s health.

For exceptional exterior cleaning services in Brisbane, Water Attack Pressure Washing is the ultimate choice. Contact us today to experience the difference!

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External house washing FAQs

Pressure washing is the process of using a high-pressure stream of water to remove dirt, grime, and other debris from the surface of your home or business. Pressure washing is an effective way to clean the exterior of your property, and it can also be used on decks, driveways, and patios.

One of the significant advantages of house washing is its ability to increase the value of a home. The accumulation of dirt, grime, mould, mildew, and other pollutants can significantly impact the overall appeal and market value of a property. However, through a professional house washing service, these unsightly elements are removed, revealing the true beauty and potential of the home. This restoration of cleanliness and freshness can result in a higher appraisal value during a property evaluation or make it more appealing to potential buyers or renters.

The frequency of exterior house washing depends on a few factors, such as the location of your property and the type of surface you’re cleaning. However, it is recommended that exterior surfaces be pressure cleaned and maintained at least once a year. This is to prevent any build-up and allows you to catch problems before they become costly repairs.

We offer a range of services ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you have a large scale commercial space or a home in need of a clean, we offer:

  • driveway cleaning
  • driveway sealing
  • exterior house washing
  • exterior soft wash
  • concrete sealing
  • concrete cleaning
  • gutter cleaning
  • solar panels cleaning
  • roof cleaning
  • roof painting
  • path cleaning
  • soft washing
  • car park cleaning
  • external house washing
  • and more!


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Our Pressure washing rates vary in price as no two houses are the same. There are many factors that go into our pricing like the size of the area, height, degree of dirtiness etc. Contact us for an obligation-free quote and we will sort out a solution that best suits your needs.

Yes, we certainly do. We take pride in our work and have confidence in our abilities. Our commitment to quality means we will fix any issues within a month of completed work for free. It is important to note that some limitations do apply but we will always discuss these with you to ensure you remain fully informed. For example, if a surface has flaking paint, a professional high pressure wash will remove this so you might be left with bare board etc.

With certain work in our premium service, we also offer a 12-month guarantee against mold and lichen on roofs. If you notice any issues within the 12 months, simply call us and we will come back to fix it at no cost to you.

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