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Solar Panels offer tremendous environmental benefits. They are a great way to offset energy costs, reduce the environmental impact of your home among a host of other benefits. However, without regular solar panel cleaning is important to maintain your investment and ensure maximum energy efficiency and production.

As they are constantly exposed to the elements, solar panels are prone to bird droppings and general dust build-up. This reduces the amount of sunlight that hits the panel, reducing the overall energy output. At Water Attack, we provide high quality, environmentally conscious and innovative solar panel cleaning methods and solutions. 

With a focus on attentive and friendly customer services, we are the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane’s leading solar panel pressure cleaning service. Maximise your energy, and get your solar panel cleaning estimate today.

Don't Leave Your Solar Panel Cleaning To The Rain

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Solar Panel Cleaning On The Sunshine Coast

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Many owners have seen a sizeable increase in the energy efficiency of their solar panels after comprehensive pressure cleaning. 

There is often a misconception that rain can effectively clean solar panels. Although true, in part, rain contains airborne dust particles that remain on the panels long after the water has evaporated. Visibility and optimal light penetration are lost as dust, grime and other environmental factors accumulate.

Leave your solar panel cleaning to the professionals. We have equipped ourselves with all the necessary equipment, knowledge and training to safely and efficiently clean your investment.

With both complete trade and public liability insurance, we are perfectly equipped to get the job done correctly!

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Solar Panel Cleaning FAQs

Solar panel cleaning is an important part of maintaining your investment. However, the frequency of cleaning will depend on a number of factors, such as the location of your property, the type of solar panels you have and where they are installed.

Typically, solar panels should be cleaned at least once a year. However, if you live in an area with high dust or bird droppings, we recommend cleaning your panels every 6 months.

While rain can help to keep your solar panels clean, it is not enough to remove all the dirt and grime that can build up over time. For this reason, we recommend complementing your regular rainfall with professional solar panel cleaning service.

Solar panel cleaning prices varies in price as no 2 houses are the same, there are many factors that go into our pricing like the size of the area, height, degree of dirtiness etc…

Contact us for an obligation free quote and we will sort out a solution that best suits your needs.

Yes, we certainly do. We take pride in our work and have confidence in our ability.

If you notice something that is not to your satisfaction or something isn’t how we said it would be within a month of completed work we will come back and fix it up for free.

Bearing in mind that there are some situations that we can only do so much, but if that time arises then we will speak to you. For example, flaking paint, pressure washing will remove this so you might be left with bare board etc.

With certain work in our premium service, we will provide a 12 month guarantee against mould and lichen, particularly on roofs, if you notice it returning within a 12-month period simply call us and we will come back and fix it, no questions asked.

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