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Over time, all sorts of dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and debris can collect on your property. Regular exterior house cleaning not only extends the life of your home but and adds instant curb appeal.

When it comes to the inside of your home, it is easy to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. However, the exterior is often overlooked and neglected.

We take the hassle and stress of keeping the exterior of your home sparkling clean and well maintained. We go beyond the ordinary! With a service guaranteed, we are dedicated to providing efficient, exceptional services.

When it’s time to give your home a clean, enlist the help of Sunshine Coast & Brisbane’s #1 pressure washing company!

Solar Panel Cleaning

Maximise your energy efficiency with expert Solar Panel Cleaning.

Gutter Pressure Cleaning

Keep your gutters clear from dirt and debris with professional gutter cleaning.

Roof Pressure Cleaning

Protect your home from damage and debris with comprehensive roof cleaning .

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residential pressure washing - clean wall
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Why Invest In Exterior House Cleaning?

Added Curb Appeal

There's nothing better than a well-maintained home, free of dirt, grime and debris. Exterior house cleaning is an ideal solution to adding the curb appeal your home needs.

Prevents Damage

A maintained home is crucial to preserving the longevity of a property as a build-up of dirt, mould and grime can speed up the damage and decay process.

Safe & Hygienic

Moss, algae and dirt make surfaces slippery and dangerous and may contain allergens that lead to a number of health problems. Exterior cleaning eliminates these risks.

Soft Washing & Pressure Washing

The Water Attack Magic

Water Attack Pressure Washing offers both soft washing and pressure washing, both of which are equally effective in cleaning your home!

Depending on your home and exterior cleaning needs, we will work with you to determine the best service for you. For wood, aged and delicate surfaces soft washing is preferred to reduce the risk of damage, where pressure washing is ideal for stronger more robust surfaces – who doesn’t love a satisfying clean?

Look for a trustworthy and experienced pressure washing company with experience handling properties across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Our fully trained, experienced technicians make every effort to work quickly, reliably and efficiently.

Revitalise Your Exterior With Water Attack

Expert Cleaners Superior Services

As a trusted name in exterior house cleaning, we are fully equipped and ready to provide you with the friendly, quality you (and your home) deserves!

Reliable & Efficient Service

With your partners at Water Attack, improving your property’s appearance does not have to interfere with your daily routine. We are only ever a call away to deliver the best possible solution with our talented and well-trained team.

Safe & Environmentally Conscious

We care about your safety and the environment around you. As such, we don’t use any harsh chemicals for our cleaning services, and plain water is used when and where needed.

Superior Equipment & Products

We use only the best cleaning products and equipment to ensure a thorough and quality clean. This ensures that your home is fully restored and gorgeous! 

Professional Exterior House Cleaning

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What Cleaning Do I Need?

Driveway Cleaning

Driveways are an often neglected feature in a home and might be disregarded during routine cleaning. Water Attack can quickly remove dirt and grime from your driveway, using excellent equipment and skilled cleaners ensuring a sparkling clean driveway!

We use eco-friendly detergents that will not harm the plants and greenery around your driveway. Furthermore, if you are concerned about long-term effects, we have the ability to use water on its own!

Pressure Washing For Outdoors

As the plants and trees on your property grow, they shed leaves and debris onto your roof. This not only looks messy, but it also serves as a breeding environment for mould and mildew development. Regular pressure cleaning is essential for keeping your roof in good condition and your gutters clear of debris.

High-pressure roof cleaning is a common practice to keep your property’s color, structural stability, and look in good shape!

Concrete Pressure Cleaning

Concrete cleaning can be difficult due to their uneven and porous nature. Concrete, while tough and durable, may be harmed by the use of abrasive cleaning.

This is particularly important when working with polished or coloured concrete. Pressure washing with a particular mixture of chemicals is the most risk-free approach to get outstanding results.

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