Superior Industrial Pressure Washing Services

Industrial Pressure Washing Services

Keep Your Workplace Clean

When it comes to keeping a business clean and sanitary, pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to do so. However, with a busy workspace, this process can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s where the experts at Water Attack Pressure Washing come in. We offer reliable industrial pressure washing services for commercial spaces, factories, warehouses and more.

At Water Attack, we know what it takes to get industrial jobs done right. Our team of highly trained and certified industrial pressure washers have years of experience delivering exceptional results with industrial pressure washing. No matter how big or small your job is, our team can handle it.

When it comes to industrial pressure washing services, Water Attack is the only name you need to know! We have years of experience working with clients across the Sunshine Coast and Northern Brisbane areas, so you can rest easy knowing your industrial space is in the best hands.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Maximise your energy efficiency expert with Solar Panel Cleaning.

Car Park Cleaning

Make a good impression and extend the life of your surfaces with reliable car park cleaning.


Keep your gutters clear from dirt and debris with professional gutter cleaning.


With leading cleaning techniques & equipment, we keep your property clean and graffiti-free.


Cracking, curling and missing shingles? Let us restore your damaged roof today!

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Pressure Washing in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Does Your Industrial Space Need Pressure Cleaning?

Regular cleaning and maintenance is a crucial factor to an industrial business’s success. Not only does it ensure that your space looks good, but industrial pressure cleaning works to extend the life of your property and protect those who work at and visit it.

Exterior areas are often overlooked and you may not be aware of the dirt and grime gathering on your building’s exterior. But, if left unchecked this build-up can cause extensive and often costly damages.

With a thorough examination, our team can discover almost immediate issues with your exterior surfaces. If your industrial space is looking worse for wear, we can help you get back on track. For more information about our industrial pressure washing services, get in touch today!

Signs You Need Industrial Pressure Cleaning

Dull & Dusty Walls

With time, dirt and grime can accumulate on the surface of an exterior wall. Our professional pressure wash is a great way to brighten up exterior walls and bring back the lustre.


If objects out the window appear hazy or a layer of grime can be seen upon closer inspection, then it's time to consider bringing in the experts for a thorough pressure clean!


Industrial pressure washing isn't just a way to remove surface dirt, debris and grime. It is also a great way to remove stubborn, hard to remove stains and vandalism and graffiti.

Dirty Carpark & Sidewalks

Where there are cars and foot traffic, a buildup of dirt is inevitable. Our professional pressure cleaning service is a great way to leave sidewalks and carparks looking fresh.

A Clean Space Is A Safe Space

Your Industrial Pressure Washing Pros

Reliable Pressure Cleaning

The Water Attack Difference

Does your business need a professional edge? By making it look as clean, fresh and polished as possible, you can put yourself ahead of your competition! However, many do not have the time, skills or equipment to scrub away at stubborn stains and grime.

This is where Water Attack comes in! As experienced and certified pressure cleaners, we know exactly how to deal with all kinds of dirt, grime and stains. We also have the best equipment on hand to make sure the job is done properly, quickly and efficiently.

For all your industrial pressure cleaning needs, Water Attack is the only name you need to know! We have years of experience working with clients across the Sunshine Coast and Northern Brisbane areas, so you can rest easy knowing your industrial space is in the best hands.

Why Invest In Industrial Pressure Washing?

Curb Appeal

When your business doesn't look clean or inviting, not only are you sacrificing the chance to bring in new consumers, but existing ones are more likely to head elsewhere!

Prevents Extended

When dirt, grime and general wear and tear build up on your façade, it begins to eat away at the surface. Prolonged exposure like this can cause serious damage and costly repairs.

Improves Safety
& Hygiene

A clean exterior not only looks better, but it feels better. When a workspace is tidy and free of obstacles, there's a greater opportunity for you and your employees to do what you do best.

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